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Vogue Import Export offers our esteem customers with end to end services when it comes to import export, haulage, logistics and clearing & forwarding. We are never limited by servicing our customers with peace of mind why expecting their product to get to where it has been sent and expecting of their product. Our key watch is our mission Vision and Value. We understand what it means for our customers spending money to buy goods. We help you reduce the risk that is attached to your goods through our international and national insurance company cover.

These are few of what you will benefit doing business with us, and the end to end services we provide to our esteem customers big or small at vogue import export we move all.

Air Freight

Air freight is the preferred mode of transport for the new global economy. This method is ideal for value-to-weight manufactured goods such as microelectronics, pharmaceuticals, aerospace components and medical devices. Quick and safe way of shipping goods.

This method is also ideal for personal effects as it is a fraction of the cost of excess baggage. This can also be booked on the same flight as the passenger; and is readily available as soon as the passenger has cleared the shipment through customs.

Ocean Freight

Exporting and importing cargo by ocean freight.

Cargo is loaded into shipping containers and then loaded onto cargo vessels. This is an economical mode of shipping; however transit times are quite lengthy and can range from seven days to ninety days and more. The advantage of this method is bigger quantities, but can be shipped at once.

Road Freight & Courier

Road freight (also sometimes referred to as ‘road haulage’ or ‘road transport’) is often the most effective mode of transport for West African countries, particularly when exporting to the land-locked countries of Nigeria.

Vogue Import Export offers this service within Nigeria as well as cross border.

Import & Export Services

Vogue Import Export product and services covers a lot of items including the following:

Food and Beverage Consumables

Condiments, Tea and Coffee Catering pack, Cereal products, Energy Drinks, etc

Industrial Products and Auto Spares

Electrical components, Transformers, Milling & grinding equipment, Conveyor systems – rollers, belts, frames, scrappers, Mechanical spares and bearings for any product, Oils & Gas equipments, greases Packaging materials/equipments, Motor vehicle spares, Tyres, tubes & patching materials.

Office Consumables

Computer equipment and accessories, Office Furniture and Printer Cartridges, Stationery-bond paper, continuous paper.

Agricultural, Pharmaceutical and Laboratory Products

Agricultural products, Agricultural and industrial disinfectants, Farming equipment and chemicals, Laboratory equipment and chemicals, Hospital consumables, Hospital disinfectants.

We are the best when it comes to import export, haulage, logistics and clearing & forwarding.